The Emacs Web Wowser: Browsing and Searching the Web with Emacs

You can browse and search the Web with Emacs.  The browser is called Emacs Web Wowser, and is abbreviated as EWW.

The browser not only accepts website addresses, but also search terms.  When you give it a search term, it uses the privacy-respecting web search-engine DuckDuckGo1.

When in the browser, you can do most things that you can do with other browsers.  For example, you can create and visit bookmarks, view HTML page source etc.   You can also stop using the wowser and browse the page with your default system browser.

Once you have used the Wowser and experienced it’s limitations, you may wonder why you would want to use it.   The answer to this question, requires a little change in your perspective.  Don’t look at the Wowser as a browser, but as a handy HTML-to-text converter that extracts content from your favourite web-pages to your personal notebooks.

Launch the Browser

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 08-55-05

Enter a Website address or a Search Term

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 09-29-34

Homepage of GNU Emacs as seen in the Emacs Web Wowser

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 09-02-22


Web Search for the term Emacs as seen on the Wowser

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 09-16-57


The Wowser Menu

Screenshot from 2018-05-19 09-03-10



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