A finger-typer makes a horrible Emacs user: Learn to touch type with `Typespeed`

Do you hunt-and-peck the keys on your keyboard to edit your files?  I bet, you hate Emacs more than any other text editor.

So, how do you learn to touch type?

There are many apps like gtypist1, typespeed2 etc.  Everyone of these apps teach you basics of touch typing, and give you practice drills to hone your typing skill.  Of these apps, I recommend typespeed.  The unique thing about typespeed is that it gamifies your learning.  So, when you are in typespeed, you don’t feel bored; you feel challenged, to type more and more, and you aspire to move up the ranks with bigger scores.

What is typespeedtypespeed is  a game where you “type words that are flying by from left to right as fast as you can. If you miss 10 or more words, game is over”.

Here are some screenshots that give you a quick overview of the typespeed app.

The Welcome Screen:  It is a game, where you aspire to score higher and higher

Screenshot from 2018-06-01 19-35-36

Whether you are a novelist,  a programmer, or a sysadmin, there is a word list just for you

Screenshot from 2018-06-01 19-36-31

The words fly by.  You hit some, and you miss some

The words in yellow and red will soon fly past the screen, if you don’t type them quickly.  The summary line tells you how you fare.  Specifically, it tells you your typing speed in CPS(characters per second) and wpm(words per minute).

Screenshot from 2018-06-01 19-44-23

The Game is over

Once the game is over, you are given a score and a rank.  According to typespeed, I am an IT Person and I type at 41 wpm

Screenshot from 2018-06-01 19-45-23

Concluding Words

Why hunt-and-peck when you can do better?  So, what is your typespeed ?


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