Your Google Drive, now within your Emacs

Are you using Emacs 26 already? If yes, you can access your  Google Drive from within your Emacs.  All you need to remember is the file name syntax, which goes something like
/ Once loaded, your remote Google Drive​ behaves like any  other local folder and you can operate on it with  dired commands.

Here are the steps

Add your Google account to  GNOME Desktop1


Screenshot from 2018-07-08 08-58-36

Ensure that the  File Manager displays your Google Drive

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 09-00-08

Open your Google Drive  with`/`

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 09-34-18

Your Google Drive is now in your Emacs

Screenshot from 2018-07-08 09-36-57

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