Emacs TUTORIAL Re-imagined



What is so interesting  about the new TUTORIAL page?

The answer to this question is obvious.  The colors brings out the distinct elements of the TUTORIAL.  They will soothe the newcomers nerves (at first), and guide his attention (in later stages)


Emacs TUTORIAL Re-imagined:  The important things stand out



Emacs TUTORIAL Re-imagined:  The important things stand out


How can you get the above TUTORIAL page?

Here are the steps

  1. Download my-tutorial.el[1]
  2. Do M-x load-file RET my-tutorial.el RET
  3. Invoke the Emacs tutorial with C-h t
  4. That is it!



TUTORIAL can be improved.

And …

You one doesn’t have to do a massive re-write of the TUTORIAL.

A touch-up here and a touch-up there is all that is needed to improve the user experience manifold.

I wish the Emacs Developers use this post as an opportunity to improve the syntactic structure of  the TUTORIAL, so that it is amenable to easier font-locking.  The source code in my repository can serve as a clue to areas of improvement.

Before I say good-bye, … you can consider this post as a continuation of my earlier post Highlight portions of your Text in Emacs[1]

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